Wash n' Woo & Co

The Groomery

Wash n' Woo & Company Service Agreement


Upon requesting the bathing and/or grooming services of Wash n’ Woo & Company to be performed at 633 E. Welsh Road, Maple Glen, PA 19002  You will understand and agree to the following service agreement:


I understand that  Wash n’ Woo & Company, Elizabeth L. Sines, and their employees accept the inherent risks of performing these services.  I will do my best to inform Wash n’ Woo & Company of any known dangers to persons or property of Wash n’ Woo & Company my pet may impose.  Dangers include but are not limited to guarding of persons/space/property, bite history, excessive mouthing/playfulness, destruction of property during containment, panicked flight/flee behavior, and/or dog-on-dog aggressive/reactive behavior.


I understand I will be entering an active grooming salon with other animals engaged in the grooming process. I agree to resist interactions with other clients' pets under the care of Wash n’ Woo & Company.  I also agree to keep my pet under leashed control to the best of my ability.


I further understand that neither Wash n’ Woo & Company, Elizabeth L Sines nor myself can predict my pet’s behavior should I enter or approach the grooming salon to watch or assist with my pet’s grooming services prior to the completion of the grooming services.  I agree I will not hold Wash n’ Woo & Company or Elizabeth L Sines responsible for accident or injury to my pet, myself, or my property while entering, exiting, or assisting with the grooming process of my pet.  


Finally, I understand that Wash n’ Woo & Company, Elizabeth L. Sines and their employees care deeply about the safety and well being of my pet.  I further understand that all animals can be unpredictable and that wiggly, senior, or disabled pets stand a greater chance of injury and/or stress related veterinary emergencies.  I also understand that grooming and excitement can uncover hidden medical issues or aggravate a current one during or after the service. Therefore, in the best interest of my pet I hereby grant permission for Wash n’ Woo & Company and/or Elizabeth L Sines to obtain veterinary treatment for my pet, at my expense should a critical emergency occur.  I understand Wash n’ Woo & Company will take all measures to immediately reach me in the event of any such emergency.