Wash n' Woo & Co

The Groomery



  • Warm hydro massage bath
  • Soothing eye protection drops
  • Sugar scrub tearless facial
  • Oral inspection and breath freshened
  • Ears cleaned and canal hair trimmed
  • Nails trimmed and smoothed
  • Hand dried and fully brushed
  • Feet and sanitary trim


  • Scissored grooms and finishes

  • Hand stripping & Hand carding

  • Cording and cord maintenance

  • Preservation, deshed, and restoration of Double coats

  • Feline services available


Detox cleansing complemented with  your choice of Fresh or Citrus scented collagen enriched deep conditioning/shed less mask treatment.  For those preferring a lighter skin neutralizing unscented choice, the PhBalancing mask is also a fabulous choice.

Caviar Ring Line

Gently cleanses, rich in Caulerpa Lentillifera extract (also known as vegetable caviar) and Vitamin F, which soften the coat, moisturize it and give it strength and vitality. The coat thus acquires a healthy and radiant appearance.

Black Passion

Nourishes and strengthens hair, protecting it against free radicals and ageing with Argan Oil and extracts of Seaweed.  It leaves the coat soft as silk.   There is no comparison to the luxurious smell and creaminess of  Black Passion

Mineral Plus

Shampoo formulated for all sorts of dogs and cats suffering from bacterial infections and inflamed skin. Its components have a delicate cleansing action and will add shine and softness to the coat.  Use after the Purify Mask for the best skin reguvination results.

Skilled de-matting offered only if humanely possible at the stylist's discretion

Crafting all grooming experiences to meet the basic standard of care our stylists insist upon for their own companions.